Free slots types in online casinos and games to enjoy offline

Free slots are the largest and most popular group of internet casinos’ offers. Almost without exception, every casino has set aside its most spacious hall for these simple but entertaining games.

Their popularity is explained by the fact that they can be played by anyone — it doesn’t take more than a few blinks to learn the rules. The process of the game is fast, easy and immediate. This makes them perfect for relaxing, yet bringing the thrill of gambling inherent to the moment of play.

Free slots — the most popular types and their basics

The good thing about free online slots is that anyone can play them. In order to attract more real gamblers to their sites, internet casinos have decided to let people play the best popular games without registration, in a Demo mode.

Although the number of free slots is fantastically great today, their offerings can be clarified a little by sorting them (for example, video poker and penny slots). These are not official and agreed upon categories, but they may vary slightly depending on the author. However, they are very helpful in understanding the game-type idea.

  • 3-reel machines. This is the most traditional form of free slots. These are games in which up to three paylines are arranged horizontally or from corner to corner. They often have a nostalgic vintage feel with their graphics. This type is also called Fruit machines due to the fruit symbols on the reels;
  • 5 reel slots. The principle of their operation is exactly the same as that of the previous one, but the number of turns is only greater. This allows for more paylines, but is relatively more difficult to achieve. Typically, wins are also slightly higher than in three-reel games. The game often uses completely different special symbols, such as Wilds and Scatters;
  • Jackpots. Their peculiarity is that even with a small bet, one can get huge profits. They are further divided into two parts; fixed and progressive. The fixed jackpot is always the same, and the progressive jackpot keeps growing until someone gets lucky;
  • Video poker. These are the games that combine poker and slots’ features. Unlike classic card games, they offer poker variants like Aces and Faces, Bonus Poker, Big Times Draw Poker, etc;
  • Penny slots. These are games, where the smallest possible 1 cent bet per 1 active line.

All of them can be opened in a browser or with the help of casino software downloaded beforehand.

Downloading slots for offline entertainment

Some free slots games can be downloaded in order to play them at any time, even when the internet connection is not available, offline, on mobile phones. Android owners will find this stuff on Google Play, and Apple phones’ users can get them at App Store. There are hundreds of these games and applications today:

  • Slots Games: Hot Vegas Casino;
  • Rocket Speed Slots;
  • Double Win Casino;
  • Grand Win Casino, etc. Each of these apps has dozens of free slots.

If a person understands he wants to gamble for money after a free play, he has to remember the following: slot machines are always based on luck. Even if the demo game brought big wins, it is not a guarantee of a future real-money prize when it comes to gambling.

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