Free blackjack game — play it with a free bet and win more

Attracting new customers, who might gamble later for real money, many casinos offer free games, and free blackjack can be played as well. However, the latter has its peculiarities. One can play free blackjack picking BJ Demo mode of slots or deal with the so-called free bet blackjack. If the first variant is known to almost all people, even if they do not play, the second one should be explained.

Free blackjack with free bets

A variation of blackjack called Free Bet Blackjack appeared in 2012. It was suggested by renowned game developer Geoff Hall. The essence of the idea is that if a player wants to split or double, he is allowed to do it for free, that is, without increasing the rate and thus risking additional money. Here, the dealer’s 22 points are not considered a bust. These are the exact rules for Free Bet Blackjack that tell how to play no download blackjack online free.

  • Free bet blackjack uses 6 standard decks;
  • The dealer draws a card for soft 17 points;
  • The blackjack combination is paid 3: 2;
  • Double is allowed on any two cards, including after a split;
  • Surrender is missing.

“Free doubles” are allowed if the player has 9, 10, or 11 points (regular doubles are allowed on any other points). Making a free double, the player places a special chip next to his bet and receives an additional card. If he loses, then he loses only his first bet. If there is a draw, the initial bet is returned. If a free blackjack player wins, he gets his bet back, plus two more.

“Free splits” are allowed for all pairs of cards, except for tens. If a player makes a free split, then the initial bet remains on the first hand, and the button is placed on the second, and each hand is played separately. At the same time, each of the hands has the right to a free double with a total of 9, 10 or 11 points, as well as a regular, paid, double with any other amount.

If the dealer scored exactly 22 points, then all bets that have not busted by that time are considered to be draws, and not winning, as in ordinary blackjack.

The analysis by renowned expert Steven How shows that when using the appropriate basic strategy, the mathematical expectation of the player in this game is 1.02%.

Free blackjack no download video games

There is a bunch of exciting video games including free blackjack that can be played online — downloading is not needed.

These offers can be found at popular casinos and at Online Gambling. Over 60 variants of the game by famous providers (BetSoft, Microgaming, Pragmatic, etc.) can be chosen. Here are some of them:

  • Royale Blackjack;
  • Multihand Blackjack;
  • 21:3 Blackjack;
  • Single Deck BJ MH Mobile, etc.;

Naturally, internet connection is required, and it will be better if it is good: BJ video games are provided in HD.

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